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SpeedyCache crossed 200K Active WordPress Installs

We are excited to announce that SpeedyCache plugin has crossed 200,000+ installations on WordPress. This is a major milestone for us, and we are grateful to all of our users for their support.

SpeedyCache is a free WordPress plugin designed to enhance your website's speed and performance. It achieves this by caching your website's pages, allowing them to be stored on your server and delivered to visitors much faster compared to generating them from scratch each time.

SpeedyCache makes it easy to create a cache, optimize the speed of your site with a few easy options, which mostly are self-descriptive.

If you have not tried SpeedyCache yet, go check it for free at SpeedyCache WordPress Plugin

And if you want to read more about SpeedyCache and its features check the features page

SpeedyCache WordPress page

Since our last milestone which was at 100K we have added a lot of features to help you improve the Speed of your WordPress site, and we will continue to do so.

Here is the list of features which were added in last one year :-

  • Bloat Remover :- It removes unnecessary options or helps you edit few default WordPress behaviors which could consume more resources.
  • Delay JS :- This helps is delaying JS includes till user interactions, which makes page render faster.
  • Test Mode :- You can test the SpeedyCache configurations, before pushing them to the live site.
  • Test Scores :- You can get the Page speed scores of your website.
  • Image Dimensions :- Add Image dimensions to Local Images if height or width is not present for it, reducing Cumulative layout shift(CLS).
  • Localize Gravatar :- It caches the gravatar images, reducing call to a third party server.
  • Preload Critical Images :- Automatically identified above the fold images, and then Preloads them to improve Largest Contentful paint.
  • Lazy Render HTML :- Renders the HTML content only when it comes into the view port.
  • Text Rendering :- This tell the Browser to prioritize the rendering of the Text, in place of the other aspects of Text rendering.
  • DNS-Prefetch :- Gives an option to add the URL's to resolve the domains of those websites which will be used on the page. 
  • Preconnect :- It is a technique that tells the browser to establish connections to external resources in advance, which can speed up website loading.
  • Preload Resources :- It is a technique that tells the browser to start downloading resources in advance.
  • Unused CSS :- Remove unused CSS from your cached pages, to reduced the size of CSS being loaded.

We are constantly working to improve SpeedyCache, and we are always adding new features and improvements. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please feel free to contact us  at or you can follow us on our social handles Facebook or Twitter.

Thank you again for your support!

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