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SpeedyCache crossed 20K Active WordPress installs

We are happy to announce that we have crossed 20K active WordPress installs, and what's even better is it took us less than 10 days to reach this milestone, its even faster than the last 10K milestone.

We are grateful to our users and for their support by adopting SpeedyCache to improve their site speed.

If you haven't tried SpeedyCache yet do check it out SpeedyCache WordPress Cache Plugin. And to check stats of speedy cache check it from SpeedyCache Stats.

SpeedyCache WordPress plugin 20k installs stats

So we are currently working on 2 new features and a minor feature plus some bug fixes for the next release.

The feature being:-

  • Purge Varnish Cache
  • [PRO] Critical CSS
  • [Minor] Display Swap for Google Fonts

SpeedyCache team is working hard to create a product that improves your page speed, in end makes your user's experience better, and makes the search engines happier. If you have any suggestions or feedback or if you have any issue or query do contact us at

Or you can follow us on our social handles Facebook or Twitter

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