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SpeedyCache reached 10k Active WordPress installs

We are happy to announce that we have reached 10k active installs on WordPress. It took us around 13 days to reach this milestone.

We would like to thank our early adopters, for supporting us and helping our plugin grow. You can check the stats of SpeedyCache at SpeedyCache Stats

SpeedyCache Reached 10k active WordPress installs

The next few features that we are working on right now and which will be released in upcoming releases are:-

  • Critical CSS: It's a way to extract and inline the CSS of the view-port at load, to improve First Contentful Paint and load main CSS file asynchronously
  • Purge Varnish Cache: If you have varnish enabled on your server then enabling this feature will purge Varnish cache too whenever you delete cache from SpeedyCache, to make cache consistent throughout.
  • Object Cache: We will be implementing Redis for our persistent object cache.

And we are constantly working on improving the plugin. To help boost speed of your website and improve user experience.

If you have any feature suggestion or any feedback, do write to us at

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