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SpeedyCache Version 1.0.7 Launched: Bloat Remover, Delay JS and more

We are excited to share that we have released SpeedyCache 1.0.7, this is a major version and contains features like Delay JS and Bloat Remover.

The changes made are listed below:-

  • [Feature] Added Test Mode, for user to test the options before pushing it to the live site.
  • [Feature] Test Score, now user can get Page insight scores of their website on how it will score with the cache settings enabled.

  • [Feature][Pro] Delay JS, delays load of JavaScript until user interaction
  • [Feature][Pro] Bloat Remover, we have added 12 options to remove bloat and speedup your WordPress site.
  • [Bug-Fix] There was an issue with Minify JS it was breaking some sites, that has been fixed.
  • [Bug-Fix] Instant Page was conflicting with JS of other files which has been fixed.

Test Mode

SpeedyCache now has test mode, so you can test the configurations before pushing them to your end users, to reduce the chances of breaking the website on users end.

You can learn on how to use it in the docs.

SpeedyCache Test Mode

Test Page Speed

Along with the test mode, we have added a feature to test Page Speed inside SpeedyCache. This allows you to see how SpeedyCache will perform with your enabled configurations.

SpeedyCache Test PageSpeed

Delay JS

Delay JS helps in removing or reducing the issue of Unused JS, by delaying loading of JS until user interaction.

You can read more about how to enable it in the docs

Delay All Scripts of your WordPress website

Bloat Remover

WordPress caters a huge audience of users that's why it has features which not everyone need, so using the Bloat remover those features could be removed. Bloat remover also helps you optimize WooCommerce assets to prevent them to load on the pages where WooCommerce is not being used which can help reduce a lot of requests.

SpeedyCache WordPress bloat remover

The List of Bloat Remover options are as follows:-

  • Disable XML-RPC
  • Disable jQuery Migrate
  • Disable Google Fonts
  • Disable Dash icons
  • Disable Gutenberg
  • Disable Block Editor CSS
  • Disable OEmbeds
  • Update Heartbeat
  • Limit Post revisions
  • Disable Cart Fragments
  • Disable WooCommerce Assets
  • Disable RSS feeds

The SpeedyCache team is working on improving the plugin to help you improve the performance of your WordPress site. If you have any suggestion or feedback do let us know at

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