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SpeedyCache Version 1.1.1 Launched: Unused CSS, Preload Resources, DNS-Prefetch and More

We have launched SpeedyCache version 1.1.1, this is a major release as in this version we have added some features as well as we have made some structural changes.

The changes made are listed below:-

  • [Structural Change] SpeedyCache Pro will now require the free version to be installed fore it to to work.
  • [Feature] Text Rendering: It tells the browser to prioritize rendering speed over legibility and geometric precision
  • [Feature] DNS-Prefetch: It is a technique that tells the browser to resolve domain names in advance, which can speed up website loading.
  • [Pro-Feature] Preconnect: It is a technique that tells the browser to establish connections to external resources in advance, which can speed up website loading.
  • [Pro-Feature] Preload Resources: It is a technique that tells the browser to start downloading resources in advance.
  • [Pro-Feature] Unused CSS: Remove unused CSS from your cached pages, to reduced the size of CSS being loaded.
  • [Task] We have created a new section in Settings tab "Preloading" it contains all the options related to preloading. Hence Instant Page, Preloading Critical Images, have been shifted to this section.
  • [Task] Added option to set number of images to skip from lazy loading from top of the page.
  • [Task] Instant page has been upgraded and improved.
  • [Bug-Fix] When Mobile Theme was enabled a .mobile file was being created as a cache which has been fixed.

Unused CSS

Unused CSS is a feature which remove the CSS which is not being used on the page. It only loads the CSS which is needed. This reduces the CSS being loaded on that page to improve the performance.

Unused CSS in SpeedyCache
Unused CSS settings

Preload Resource

Preload resources can be very helpful in improving Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) if used correctly. Preload resources tell the browser to download critical resources early, such as images, fonts, and CSS, which are needed to render the content in the viewport.

Enable Preload Resources options

Its suggested that the preload to be kept under 7, as adding many preloads can result in slower speed.

Preload Resource settings Modal


DNS-Prefetch is a way to resolve IP address of a website before user clicks the link. It reduces the wait time needed to resolve the IP. This reduces the DNS lookup.

DNS Prefetch Settings Modal


Preconnect establishes a connection with a remote server, before browser actually sends a request, it saves the time it takes for the browser to connect to the remote server.

Preconnect Settings Modal

The SpeedyCache team is working on improving the plugin to help you improve the performance of your WordPress site. If you have any suggestion or feedback do let us know at

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