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SpeedyCache Version 1.1.0 Launched: Gravatar Cache, Preload Critical Images, Lazy Render

We have launched SpeedyCache version 1.1.0, in this release we have added a few exciting feature, which will help you improve the performance of your WordPress site even further.

The changes made are listed below:-

  • [Feature] Localize Gravatar: Caches Gravatar on your server.

  • [Pro-Feature] Preload Critical Images: Preloads above-the-fold images to improve LCP(Largest Contentful paint).
  • [Pro-Feature] Lazy Render HTML elements: It helps in reducing the rendering time of the HTML elements, which are not in the view-port.

Preload Critical Images

Preloading critical images is a technique that can help improve page speed by downloading the images that are most important to the user's experience early on in the page load process. This can help to ensure that these images are available when the browser needs them to render the page, which can result in a faster Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) time.

Enable Preload Critical Images

With preload critical Images, you can specify how many images you want to preload, so the first n number of Images will be preloaded.

Criticial Images Count

Lazy Render HTML elements

Lazy Render helps is reducing the rendering time, by preventing rendering of the elements which are not critical to the content in the view-port.

It can help you in improving Largest Contentful Paint by reducing the rendering time by a few hundred milli seconds.

Enable Lazy Render HTML element

You can read the docs about Lazy Render HTML Elements here

Gravatar Cache

Localizing Gravatar images, helps in reducing external requests, which helps in improving performance of your website.

SpeedyCache download the Gravatar if it finds any while caching or visiting the page and create a copy of it locally, with different Gravatar Image sizes, so next time a user visits they will be shown the cached Gravatar and wont need to make an external request.

Locally Host Gravatars

The SpeedyCache team is working on improving the plugin to help you improve the performance of your WordPress site. If you have any suggestion or feedback do let us know at

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