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How to delete Cache or minified files

Deleting cache is really just a one-click process, We support 3 ways to delete Cache and minified files.

  • Manage Cache Tab
  • Admin Bar
  • Command Line

Manage Cache Tab

It's really simple to delete cache through Manage Cache Tab. In WordPress Admin go to > SpeedyCache > Manage Cache Tab. Then in Delete Cache section select the things you want to delete, as shown in the screenshot below and then click the button Clear all Cache and Selection. And the cached and minified content will be deleted.

SpeedyCache delete cache

Admin Toolbar

To delete cache through Admin Toolbar. Locate Delete Cache Button in the Admin Toolbar either hover or click it.
You will find 3 options Depending which page you are:-

  • Delete Cache: It is used to delete Cache.
  • Delete Cache and minified JS/CSS: It is used to delete all Cache and minified JS/CSS.
  • Clear Cache of This page: This option is visible if you are present on some page of your website. It is used to clear cache of the present page
  • Settings: This is only visible to admin and only present in Admin Dashboard, This feature allows you to show the clear cache button which exists on the admin toolbar based on user roles.
Delete cache from toolbar

Command Line

To delete Cache through the command line you will need to have WP CLI. Here is the Guide to Install WP CLI if you don't have it already.
So now assuming you have access to WP CLI on your server.

You can Delete Cache by using the following command:

wp speedycache clear cache

To delete Cache and Minified JS/CSS

wp speedycache clear cache and minified

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