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How to preload cache

SpeedyCache can create cache in 2 ways, First way is when user comes to the website and if the page is not cached then the page gets cached. Secondly is using preload, it'ss used when you want to automatically create cache. So in this guide we will be explaining how to preload cache.

Preload Cache

Precache creates a cache of the selected posts type every 5 minutes. The interval is 5 minutes to reduce load on the server. 
So to setup Precache follow the steps below:-

  • In WordPress Admin go to > SpeedyCache > Settings.
  • Enable Preload in Cache Section.
  • A modal will open, there you get option to enable different post types, and you can decide which one to preload by reordering it.
  • The next option you will get is number of pages to preload per minute, by default it is 4 and we suggest keeping it below 10 because increasing it beyond that will put load on the server if you are using shared hosting.
  • The last option is restart after completed, this option makes your preload to keep working constantly after the cache is created. This option will be useful if your website gets a lot of traffic then cache may start getting created in parallel. So to control that this option can be used.
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