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How to schedule deletion of Cache

To schedule deletion of Cache, you need to set a Cache Lifespan. Cache Lifespan is a way to delete cache based on the URI of the webpage on the specified Interval of time.

1. To set a Cache Lifespan Rule, in WordPress Admin go to > SpeedyCache > Manage Cache Tab.
2. In Manage Cache Tab go to Cache Lifespan Section there click on Add New Rule button.
3. A popup will appear there, in that popup define REQUEST URI which you want to delete. REQUEST URI have 4 options.

  • All : It means all cached pages will be deleted.
  • Homepage : Only cache of the homepage will be deleted.
  • Starts With : You can add some text and if that text matched the start of URI then cache of that page will be deleted.
  • Is Equal To : You can add whole URI of the page to get the cache deleted.

4. After setting REQUEST URI you can now set the time interval after which you want your cache to get deleted.

That's it you have set a Cache Lifespan rule. Now the cache of the specified page will be deleted on the give interval.
See the below GIF for better understanding.

Speedycache Cache Lifespan
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