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How to setup Bunny CDN is a service provider that specializes in Content Delivery(CDN) and Edge Storage services. With SpeedyCache you can easily integrate Bunny CDN on your website and serve your assets through Bunny CDN.

To setup Bunny CDN follow the steps below:-

  • Register/ Login to
  • Once you Login to, In the Left Navigation Go to Pull Zone > On Pull Zone Page Click on Add Pull Zone
Bunny CDN Pull Zone
  • Now Add pull zone will open up, fill up details like, Pull Zone name and Origin URL, and then Click on Add Pull Zone to save the details.
  • Once you add the Pull Zone, now you will be redirected to instructions page, there just click on Skip Instructions. Now you will have host name and Origin URL, which will be needed to integrate with SpeedyCache
Add Bunny Pull Zone
  • Now just copy the Host name and go to WordPress > SpeedyCache > CDN Tab, in there select Bunny CDN.
  • In the form for Bunny CDN, add Hostname you created from Bunny CDN to Pull Zone and Origin URL to Origin URL in the form for Bunny CDN in SpeedyCache.
SpeedyCache Bunny CDN integration
  • This is an optional step but we suggest you do it, which is to add Access Key, as adding it, will give SpeedyCache access to delete the cache on Bunny CDN whenever cache from SpeedyCache is deleted.
  • You can find your access key from Bunny CDN from Account page.
Bunny CDN access key
  • Once you copy the Access Key, paste it in the Access key field in SpeedyCache Bunny CDN form.
Add bunny Access key to Speedycache
  • Once you do that now just save the setting and delete all cache if you have any page cached for changes to reflect.
Bunny CDN saved on Speedycache

Now as every this has been saved make sure you delete all cache, so the URL's can be rewritten and that page can be cached. Once that is done, open your website in Incognito mode and Inspect it and you will see URL's rewritten, pointing to the Pull Zone we have saved.

Bunny CDN Serving content

That's all you need to do integrate Bunny CDN with SpeedyCache.

If you face any issues do let us know, you can contact us at we will help you out.

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