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How to Buy SpeedyCache Pro

This guide shows you how to buy SpeedyCache Pro. SpeedyCache Pro can be bought through Softaculous. For that you need to login to Softaculous Client Area.

Login To Your Softaculous Account

You will need a Softaculous account to purchase the license. If you do not have a Softaculous account create one by clicking on the Sign Up tab on the client center login page. If you already have a Softaculous account simply login to the client center.

Place Order

Once you have logged in, from the left menu click on SpeedyCache -> Purchase SpeedyCache

  • Choose License Plan: We have various plans to suite your needs. You can have a look at our plans on our pricing plans
  • Click on the Purchase SpeedyCache button at the bottom of the form.
Select SpeedyCache Plan
  • After clicking on Purchase SpeedyCache you will be taken to payment page, where you can select your preferred payment mode, then proceed to Make payment.
  • It will redirect you the Payment gateway where you can complete the transaction.
Proceed to payment gateway

If you face any issue feel free to contact our support team at

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