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Lazy load Images and iframes

Lazy load is a feature that loads images or iframe only when they come to the view-port of the browser. So it helps in reducing Initial load time of the server as the images that are not required for the first load aren't loaded.

Setting Up Lazy Load

  • In WordPress Admin go to > SpeedyCache > Settings.
  • In Miscellaneous section Enable Lazy Load.
  • A modal will open there add Image Placeholder, It is a image that will be visible until the Original image is loaded.
  • Then in Exclude Source specify the images you don't want to lazy load.
  • The next option is to prevent lazy loading of Full Size images in Post or pages.

Iframes have default placeholders that can not be changed. For images to lazy load the page or post should have at least 4 images.
The Cache Should be enabled for Lazy load to work.

SpeedyCache Lazy Load

If you face any issue do let us know and we will help you out.

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