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How to setup Stackpath

Stackpath is a popular CDN service provider with huge presence across globe. Their servers are located in densely populated market.
So in this guide we will walk you through setting up Stackpath with SpeedyCache.

Setting Up Stackpath

We are assuming that you have already created a Stackpath account and have a CDN URL.
CDN URL is something which your CDN provides you and Origin URL is the URL pointing to your main server like in our case.

  • In WordPress Admin > SpeedyCache > CDN Tab > Stackpath.
  • Add a CDN URL in the CDN URL field which you will get from your CDN Provider.
  • Then a the Origin URL which you be your websites URL add it with http(s) like :-
  • Now you can select the file type which you want to host on the CDN.
  • In Specific Source Section you can specify certain files you want to host on CDN, so only the specified files will be hosted
  • Then if you want to exclude certain files then mention them in the Exclude Source section
  • Now save the settings and that's it. If you have you have uploaded your files to the CDN provider your files will start getting hosted from that CDN.

CDN Storage

There are a few things you need to keep in mind about folder structure while uploading your files to a CDN.
The structure of the folder on CDN storage should be exactly like how it is on WordPress.

For Example:-
is the URL of an Image and it gets rewritten as
So the Folder Structure on the CDN should be wp-uploads/uploads/2022/03/speedycache-cdn.png. If the folder structure on your CDN storage is not as your WordPress install, then the CDN won't be able to serve the image and it would result in a broken image.

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